HAYABUSA KOKUSAI KANKOUBUS takes every effort to make the travel wonderful by providing all passengers with a comfortable space and safe transportation.
All crew and staff members are well trained to satisfy each and every customer.
In addition to traveling, we are ready to meet other various needs of our customers such as the transfer service for occasions in the company, school, or community.
Our company has been expanding with an increase in the number of foreign tourists who arrive at Kansai International Airport and continue their travel to various regions in Japan.
Our crew spend a lot of time with foreign visitors and sometimes we are the closest Japanese people for them. Keeping this in mind, we always remember to give kind hospitality, our best smile, and courteous attention to our customers so that they can have a good impression of Japan.
Our crew and staff members try our best in hopes that all of our customers both in Japan and overseas think HAYABUSA KOKUSAI KANKOUBUS is the perfect choice.