Charter bus with seating for up to 60 passengers (including auxiliary seats)
This bus is suited for traveling in group or carrying a lot of luggage.
This large-sized bus is very useful for traveling in group, such as group tours, company trips, study tours, club activities, etc.
The spacious interior makes this bus perfect for long-distance trips, and its large trunk for traveling with a lot of luggage, such as ski camps, brass band concerts, etc.
In the salon bus, you can enjoy conversation in spacious and comfortable interior.
Charter bus with seating for up to 27 passengers.
This bus has wider width and seats than the microbus, and comes with a trunk, which makes the long-lasting travel enjoyable.
Width and seats of this medium-sized bus which are wider than the microbus make the long-lasting travel enjoyable.
This bus has a trunk, which allows you to load more luggage than the microbus.
In the medium-sized salon bus, you can enjoy conversation during traveling.
Charter microbus with seating for up to 28 people.
This bus has amenities for sightseeing, and can be chartered at a reasonable price.
This is a chartered microbus with 3 seats in each row.
Some of it come with amenities such as a refrigerator, etc. in the compact body, which make travel more pleasant than other microbuses used for business.
This microbus can be chartered for such as group tours at more reasonable price than the large or medium-sized buses.
A small space is reserved for luggage behind the backseat.